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At Hobart all students follow a full range of National Curriculum subjects at Key Stage 3.
Our focus on traditional, academic skills allows all students to follow courses making up
the English Baccalaureate should they wish to do so. The majority of our students leave
us at 16 to take up further academic study in preparation for university.
For some students a more supportive approach to learning is needed to ensure that
they have a good grasp of basic skills. Our SEND and vocational courses ensure that all
students make the same rates of progress regardless of their ability. For the most able
our range of Able, Gifted and Talented work ensures that students have opportunities to
develop knowledge away from traditional curriculum subjects and have clear aspirations
for their progress after Hobart.
Ofsted Report
“Those who have special educational needs make
similar progress to other students because they
receive knowledgeable and sharply focused support.”
Come and see the school for yourself.
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