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We take pride in the quality of pastoral support offered at Hobart. In most cases your
child’s form tutor will work with them for five years and will provide a daily point
of contact and support for day to day issues. In addition to this our experienced and
approachable pastoral team are always on hand to deal with any issues or difficulties
that might arise.
We know every student as an individual and it is this knowledge that allows us to
support them at all stages of their development and to intervene where we think that
they need extra help. We promote a close working relationship between home and
school and we encourage all parents and carers to discuss any concerns with us at an
early stage.
“The encouraging whilst caring approach is fabulous, it would
seem that every child is catered for on an individual basis and
this is a truly remarkable achievement for a school.”
Year 11 Student
“I learnt lots and was looked after by the teachers. I always
knew where to go and who to see if I needed help.”
Come and see the school for yourself.
Call us now on: 01508 520 359 Visit:
Twitter: @HobartHigh
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